Situation of Youths in Kenya today:

Kenya is a young nation, with 75 percent of its population being under the age of 30 years and 22 percent being between the ages of 15 to 24 years. A mismatch exists between the aspirations of young people and the opportunities available to them. The majority of young Kenyans have high hopes and ambitions. However, a demographic bulge of young people, poor macroeconomic performance, a lack of labor market opportunities, an education system that suffers from problems of access, quality, and relevance, conflicting religious beliefs  and a society that negates the self-expression of young people mean that many young people are unable to translate their aspirations into a productive and fulfilling future. High expectations, disappointing employment and life prospects and marginalization among young people can fuel frustration and desperation. In response, some of these youths turn to criminal behavior, terrorism, violence, substance abuse, and commercial sex work. These activities have negative repercussions on the young people themselves and contribute to growing physical insecurity for society as a whole.

Such insecurity was witnessed in 2007/2008 post-election violence where widespread violence erupted following the disputed presidential election in December 2007. Incited and abetted by politicians and local leaders, gangs of armed Kalenjin and Kikuyu youth engaged in looting, rioting, and killing in parts of the Rift Valley and western Kenya.

The Purpose of Bidii Yetu self-help Group is to provide economic empowerment to Youths. The sole purpose of the group is to inculcate knowledge and skills required by youths for financial growth and stability through projects undertaken by the group. The organization is focused on creating self-employment and improvement of the living standards among the youths in line with Kenya’s vision 2030.

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