Bidii Yetu Self Help Group is a youth led Group registered with the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services – Kenya. . It is a non-political, non-discriminatory and non-religious group operating in Kisumu County. Formed in 2014 by a group of youths led by Kamya Domnick, the group engages in Social-Economic projects that aims at empowering youths within Kisumu County. Currently, the group has four projects and these includes, linking youths to job opportunity, farming projects, Enhancing environmental sustainability and climate change resilience, and also Capacity building.



Morgan Gerald is 22yrs old, he lost both his parents at the age of 3 and lived with his grandmother up to the age of 8 when his grandmother also passed away and He was left an orphan. When he joined his secondary school, he could not afford his secondary Education and dropped out of school for a year. Despite all the financial challenges that he faced, Morgan was determined to complete his Education and live his dream. In 2014 he joined Bidii Yetu Self-help Group, the group helped him source for funds and he completed his secondary Education in 2015.

In 2016, Bidii Yetu trained Morgan in Data collection and helped him find a job at Evidence Action. Today, Morgan has joined college and pays his own school fee from the money he gets from data collection at Evidence Action. His dream is to become a Social worker and also offer help services to those in need.

The Founders

Kamya Domnick is a co-founder and the director of Bidii Yetu Self help Group and a Social worker by profession. He is a  graduate from Makerere University with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration class of 2012.He worked for several Non Governmental organisations in the field of research between 2013-2017. He  worked at Innovations for Poverty action in 2013 as Community Field Assistant and at Evidence action as process monitoring and coverage validation officer.  Domnick founded Bidii Yetu Self Help Group in rural parts of  western Kenya. This was due to the several challenges he faced as a young man growing up and the need to use his knowledge and experience to help young people. Domnick is a well rounded, accomplished, and determined person. He identifies, pursues, and achieves his goals in an admirable fashion, letting no obstacles stand in his way. He enjoys working  in a challenging environment that demands continuous improvement, education, creativity, industry and good decision making. Currently he spends several hours working as the director at Bidii Yetu self help group where he helps youths start and run their projects.